Living in Italy is a great advantage in traveling, you are connected to many beautiful country. This means you don't have necessarily move by train or airplane or other public transportation, you can use your car. Actually we found this way more cheaper to travel Europe, also you have more flexibility, total control of your time and get you into more adventures.

Anyway, traveling by car means first of all safety. Before getting into any trip, we recommend you to check your vehicle's status first, every its single functionality could be fundamental for your safety.


Things you must always have in your vehicle (some of these are obligatory by law, in case of unexpected situations):


High visibility vest:

in case of emergency, it is used to make you more visible from other people especially at low light. 

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Tire repair kit:

In case of tire puncture, you can use this kit to fix it easily and safely, without having to call a mechanic and if your car is not provided with spare tire.

Usually new cars come with these kits already. 

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First aid kit:

Always have this in your car, you never know.

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Emergency kits bag:

You can also have all these emergency kits by buying them in a single solution.

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Child car seats:

If you have children to travel with, you know that the seats of the car are too big for them and fasten their seat belts could be even more dangerous. That's why there are child car seats to fit in them. We recommend never let your kids travel without child car seats.

The following information is based on European regulation - There are different types of Child car seats, divided in groups (group 0+/1/2/3) based on the child's weight (0-36kg). There's also an all-in-one seat that can fit children from 0 to 12 years, we tested it and to be honest it's not a great idea, not recommended.

We personally prefer Isofix seats which have attachments built into them that slot into the Isofix anchorage points that are built into the car. The seat belt then secures the child in the booster seat as above. More safety.


Recommended for babies up to 1 year old


This seat in particular is actually group 1-2-3 (9-36kg), but it's really comfortable for the child at age 1 to 3 years.


for the grown up children, from 3 or 4 years old.

Now that we cleared the important things, let's talk about other stuff you may need to get your travel much easier, comfy and consequently safer.

Again if you have children, it can be frustrating to travel by car, especially during long journeys, which can make the driver lose concentration. What you need is to entertain them to pass the time.