Munich, Germany

Munich, Monaco di Baviera, Monaco of Bavaria, Germany, Europe

Munich or Monaco of Bavaria is a state that everyone who want to spend a holiday in Germany should not miss. It’s the capital and the largest city in the German state of Bavaria.

Munich is home to a number of traditional German buildings and churches that are worth a visit. It has a walkable old town, with centuries-old historic buildings, a central square and a very unique town hall.

From what we’ve learned, the Munich of Germany has its own unique culture and language, just like the Texas of US. It’s simply different from any other town and cities of Germany.


Travel experience in Munich

This road trip started from Venice, taking us in total 5 hours to arrive, but it wasn’t a tiring trip, indeed it was relaxing in certain roads giving us nice mountain view. We took almost all highways and after 3 hours we made a stopover in Innsbruck, Austria (Read here).

Munchen, Munich, Germany

German Road (Autobahn)

Munchen, Munich, Germany

View from the car

Once arrived at destination we found a hotel, nearby the city centre, called Hotel Preysing. We didn’t find out how many stars has but it was good enough for its price. It has a safe parking garage downstairs although with a separate fee and accessible only via an elevator (a good driving skill here is required, really!).

It was about 4pm, we still had time to explore somewhere; so we checked in, placed our luggages in the room and went out for a walk.

Deutsches Museum

For just 5 mins of walk, we arrived at Deutsches Museum, which is by far one of the most important and largest science and technology museums anywhere in the world.

We got there almost at closing time, and the ticket office was already closed, but they allowed us to enter anyway, without paying anything. However, we toured it for about an hour, money saved! Otherwise we would have spent 11€/adult for the ticket.

The museum owns more than a hundred thousand objects that are related to science and technology, spanning the millennia from the Stone Age to today. 

Many firsts are held here such as the first motorized aircraft that the Wright brothers built or the first Diesel engine. There is also a large area for children so visitors of all ages have something to enjoy.

We had a really great start of our trip in Munich.

Deutsches Museum, Munich, Munchen, Germany

Deutsches Museum, Munich, Munchen, Germany

Deutsches Museum, Munich, Munchen, Germany

Deutsches Museum, Munich, Munchen, Germany

Deutsches Museum, Munich, Munchen, Germany

Deutsches Museum, Munich, Munchen, Germany


The next day we enjoyed the city, which is a bustling place full of activities. Here’s the list of the main attractions we’ve visited in Munich:

Church of Our Lady (Frauenkirche)

It’s the most important church in Monaco of Bavaria: the Church of Our Lady, better known as Frauenkirche.

The two towers are more than 100 meters hight and became the city’s symbol. Inside it’s beautiful as well, with its stained glass windows, and a curious thing is the Devil’s Footprint. Yes, there is a footprint which, according to legend, the Devil had left it after an unfulfilled bargain with the architect of the church.

Frauenkirche, Munich, Munchen, Germany

Church of Our Lady (Frauenkirche)

Frauenkirche, Munich, Munchen, Germany

The Devil’s Footprint

Munich’s Town Hall at Marienplatz

The most awaited moment of the city when, at 11 am and 12 pm at Mary’s Square (Marienplatz), the Carillon of the Town Hall with its 43 bells, comes alive every day with the movements of 32 copper figures, dancing around for about 15 minutes. A delight in the eyes of the tourists who come in Munich.

Mary's Square Munich, Munchen, Germany

Marienplatz and the Town Hall

Munich's Town Hall, Munchen, Germany

The Town Hall and its Carillon

Just walking and exploring nearby the square, we discovered many interesting things.

Munich city centre is not just a place for shopping or sight-seeing only. It’s rich of historical backgrounds at every structure and building still present today.

We discovered that, the Munich central has many World War II bombs left uncovered underground which have been detected only during the construction works. 


It’s a historical brewery built in 1589, where Hitler gave his first speech to his Nazi Party. Nowadays, it’s the most famous brewery/restaurant in Monaco of Bavaria owned by the Bavarian state government, where they serve good food and music; and it’s always packed everyday, can’t even get a seat. If you plan to dine here, you better make a reservation and come early.


It’s where the infamous fatal gun battle took place, during the Beer Hall Putsch in 1923. On the background there is the Feldherrnhalle which is a monumental loggia, and during the Nazi era it served as a monument commemorating the death of 16 members of the Nazi party.

Hofbräuhaus, Munich, Munchen, Germany


Odeonplatz and the Feldherrnhalle, Munich, Munchen, Germany

Odeonplatz and the Feldherrnhalle

Schloss Nymphenburg

It’s quite distant from the city centre, so we took the car to get there (otherwise you can take the tram number 17). It has a large parking lots.

This castle is impressive and fantastic to visit. In 1662, Ferdinand Maria of Savoy gave it to his wife as a gift for the birth of their first son.

Entrance price is 11,50 €, free for under 18yo. Also it has a beautiful outdoor park (free), with ponds and a 6 km-long canal!

Nymphenburg Castle

Nymphenburg Castle

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