Canovian Temple

Our continuous wandering around the italian cities, took us one day to Possagno, a small town in the hills in the province of Treviso.

Here we found a place called Tempio Canoviano ("Canovian Temple"), an interesting neoclassical building designed by Canova and built in 1819.

Antonio Canova was an Italian sculptor, famous for his marble sculptures. The temple is home to the remains of the artist, with a small museum dedicated to him in his birthplace, which contains some of his marble and plaster works.

The Temple reminds so much the greek architectural style. In fact it features of a large and stately columned (that recalls the Parthenon in Athens), a central body (that reminds the Pantheon of Rome) and an apse with an altar. These three components are respectively associated to the Greek civilization, to the Roman and to the Christianity.

Unfortunately Canova couldn't see his temple, as he died a few years after the beginning of its construction, but he entrusted the work to his brother. The Temple was completed on May 7th 1832.

You can get there by taking the uphill road with your car and park in the square in front of the Temple. Usually is not too crowded (unless there's some event).

The staircase is wide and the Temple is really massive, beautiful!

Definitely worth a visit, a walk, a thought and a gesture of love.